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Enter Yamfore and discover a new approach to crypto-backed loans, designed exclusively for Cardano. Enjoy indefinite loan terms, zero ongoing interest, and no risk of margin calls.

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Key Benefits

No Margin Calls

Borrow with confidence, knowing your loan is secure against market volatility. Yamfore eliminates margin calls and any liquidation risk, providing peace of mind and protecting your financial plans from unexpected disruptions.

No Margin Calls

No Ongoing Interest Repayments

Experience a transparent and predictable borrowing experience with a single upfront payment and no recurring interest charges. All interest is accrued to the total debt position and repaid upon closure of the loan at the borrower's discretion.

No Ongoing Interest Repayments

No Time Limits

Enjoy the flexibility of indefinite loan terms with no fixed repayment deadlines. Borrow on your terms and repay at your own pace, enjoying complete control and freedom over your financial journey.

No Time Limits

What's The Catch?

Yamfore's fees are higher than traditional loans, as the protocol absorbs the risk of market fluctuations to protect you from margin calls and ongoing interest. This model isn't for everyone, but if you prioritize flexibility, predictability, and peace of mind, the Yamfore model could be the perfect fit.

What's The Catch?

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Yamfore is a decentralized, non-custodial lending protocol on Cardano that offers crypto-backed loans with no margin calls, no ongoing interest repayments.

Quite simply put: you'll never be liquidated again. Let $ADA appreciation do the work!




Finally a lending protocol on Cardano that cyclically connects your loan to buying pressure of the ecosystem token! You won't be liquidated and your $CBLP will appreciate with the success of the project!




I have been liquidated twice on Cardano, and let me tell you that it stings. Why not utilise @yamfore to take advantage of the low $ADA price to take care of your loan; carefree! $CBLP is tied into the heart of your loan which ensures constant buying pressure!




Yamfore with its $CBLP token is an innovative lending platform. No duration, no ongoing interest payments, no margin calls. Besides it gets users who want to keep their ADA fresh liquidity (like most lending platforms). But Yamfore is unique. Check it out!


Gustaf Schönemyr


The Yamfore team has been building solidly right throughout the bear market.

They are putting together one of the strongest lending/borrowing platforms that I know of and are getting the job done. Don't forget to keep your eye on this one!


$Kiwi-Crypto ₳©/DC₳


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Yamfore is a decentralized, non-custodial lending protocol on Cardano that offers crypto-backed loans with no margin calls, no ongoing interest repayments, and indefinite loan terms.

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